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                              Rectifier transformer use

                              Widely used in lighting, machine tools, mechanical and electronic equipment, medical equipment, rectifiers, etc. Product performance can meet the special requirements of users.
                              First, the electrochemical industry
                              This is the application of more rectification industry, electrolytic non-ferrous compounds to produce aluminum, magnesium, copper and other metals; electrolyzed salt to make chlor-alkali; electrolyzed water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.
                              Second, traction DC power supply
                              DC grid for mine or urban electric locomotives. Due to the empty side of the valve side joint, the short circuit fault is more, the DC load changes the amplitude, and the motor vehicle often starts, causing different degrees of short-term overload. For this reason, the temperature rise limit and current density of such transformers are both low. The impedance is about 30% larger than the corresponding power transformer.
                              Third, DC power supply for transmission
                              Mainly used to power DC motors in electric drives, such as the armature and excitation of rolling mills.
                              Fourth, DC transmission
                              The voltage of such rectifier transformers is generally above 110kV, and the capacity is tens of thousands of kilovolts. Special attention should be paid to the problem of intersection and DC superposition of ground insulation.
                              In addition, there are DC power supply for electroplating or electric processing, DC power supply for excitation, DC power supply for charging and electrostatic precipitator.
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