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                              Magnetic regulator series

                              Magnetic regulator

                              Magnetic pressure regulator is a kind of voltage regulator without mechanical transmission, no contact, can drive the load for smooth stepless pressure regulation. The voltage regulation is controlled by the DC current. It can be open-loop manual control or closed-loop automatic control according to different control signals. It is executed in the automatic control system.
                              Scott magnetic regulator is a three-phase two-phase magnetic regulator, which can simultaneously adjust the output voltage of two single-phase loads. The output voltage can be individually adjusted according to the different requirements of the two single-phase loads.
                              This product is suitable for hot processing, heat treatment, electroplating, speed regulation, etc., widely used in salt bath, vacuum competition, electric slag Shanghai, glass electric furnace, single crystal, polycrystalline furnace, cracking furnace and Various resistance furnaces, etc.
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