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                              Electric furnace transformer series

                              Electroslag furnace transformer

                              Electric slag furnace is used for remelting and refining steel made by ordinary smelting method, usually using single-phase power supply.
                              Specially for the production of evacuated aviation steel, high temperature alloys, resistance alloys, precision alloys and certain non-ferrous metals, etc., can also be used to produce large and excellent alloy steel ingots, large flat ingots or slabs and other special Special-shaped castings and other electroslag furnace power supplies.
                              Structural Features
                              Electroslag furnace transformers have no reactor. Electroslag metallurgy and electric arc steelmaking differ. When the slag is directly used by the method of adding the auxiliary steel scraps, the arc is only started at the beginning stage, and after the slag is completed, it is converted into a substantially arcless electroslag process. This process has been Continuing to the end of the smelting, the transformer of the electroslag furnace power supply requires a low no-load voltage and a small impedance voltage. The low voltage of the electroslag furnace transformer must have a voltage regulation stage. The voltage regulation methods are as follows: 1. No excitation and no load regulation; 2. No excitation and no load regulation; 3. On-load voltage regulation. No matter which voltage regulation method is used, it is adjusted by the switch on the high voltage coil.
                              Technical parameters

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